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4 oz Cleansing & Protection Spray in GLASS bottle: This spray will cleanse and clear any and all negative energies and create a much more free flowing environment that you can feel instantly after use. Use the spray to cleanse your decks, Spiritual items/tools, to cleanse any altar space or any room. This cleansing water sits next to my mamas (spirits/diety) on their altar, they charge these waters with their energy as well bringing the result that it is intended to be used for.


You can also use this to cleanse yourself as well but I suggest bring it in the air three times and walking through it if doing so, do not spray directly on your skin.


This also has protection magic, so this will cleanse and protect anything you use it on or for, the relief is instant. This spray is made with a selection of herbs associated with cleansing and distilled pure water.

Cleansing + Protection Florida Water Spray

  • Shipping will take up to 7  business days after it is shipped out. You can choose 2 day shipping if needed.

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