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Ase! Thank you for your interest in my original oracle decks!

This deck is jam packed with a mixture of different emotions we typically go through as human beings. This deck is great for tapping into those emotional energy and/or feelings of anything energetically (technically since energy is all around us lol). You can use this deck as a stand alone (yes you can read these cards intuitively on their own without tarot) OR you can use tarot to clarify the "why" if needed in a reading. Deck does NOT come with pouch featured in photos or a box.

Number of Cards: 108


When purchasing, please make sure that your SHIPPING ADDRESS AND NAME IS CORRECT.


Note: If you're using SEZZLE as a payment method, please keep in mind that processing time may take a few days longer than normal since payments are processed through sezzle and then transferred. Processing times are normally 1-3 business days, paying through sezzle may extend

processing times no more than 2 business days. You can pay through paypal to avoid extention.

Motions of the Soul Oracle Deck

  • Flat rate shipping is about $15. Decks take about 1-3 business days to process and make and are shipped out within a week after. Decks may take approximately 9-14 business days in total to receive unless you choose fast shipping which is 7 to 9 business days. Tracking will be sent directly to your email when available!

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