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This ebook is specific to Pisces Moons Shadow Work.


Shadow work, in the context of healing, refers to the process of exploring and integrating the aspects of ourselves that have been repressed, denied, or hidden from our conscious awareness. These aspects, often referred to as the "shadow," consist of our unconscious beliefs, emotions, desires, and memories that we have deemed unacceptable or undesirable.


Shadow work is based on the understanding that these hidden parts of ourselves can have a significant impact on our lives, often leading to patterns of self-sabotage, emotional pain, and repeating negative experiences. By bringing these aspects into conscious awareness and working with them, we can gain deeper self-understanding, heal past wounds, and experience personal growth and transformation.


When we are able to transform out subconcious minds, we are able to manifest much more easily and quicker without blocks or self sabotage!

Pisces Moon Shadow Work

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