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I will be including something called a "petition" with your spell work. Please put any details below as far as intentions you'd like me to add to the petition to include with the intentions/benefits already set for the spell. If you purchased a love spell, please include the full name and birth date of the person you are including in your love spell, this is only for those that are committed and received permission from the person, if not, please do not include them. If you purchased a business spell, please include the name of your business if applicable. If you purchased a SPELL JAR, please also include your address, jars are shipped once they are performed and worked.


Please refrain from sending emails requesting updates! I will send your completion email confirming your spell was performed once it is ready to be sent after the 1-3 business day turnaround listed above (it is sent 1-3 business days after your spell date). Please avoid spamming my emails with messages asking for any type of update, if there is a short delay with spell completion it is most likely because of volume (amount of spells booked) or my energy, please be patient. Any delays may be because of energy depletion or things out of my control, I will email and update you if that is the case! If I receive this type of email, I will just disregard it and ignore.

SPELL DATE: Your spell date will be chosen and scheduled based on the type of spell and sent to you via emailed up to 24 -48 hours after you submit this form (the email you used to book, if you'd like it to be sent elsewhere, include your email in the info part of the form). I align most of my conjure work with the planetary days and hours, so your spell will be on the corresponding days for the selected energy. For example, love spells are fridays, money spells are thursdays or sundays, etc

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