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Ase! This Love Connection Intuitive Reading is Video Recorded.

This Love Connection Intuitive Reading is up to 20 minutes long and will provide you the clarity needed based on your upcoming 2-4 weeks in regards to love with your desired person. I will channel love messages as far as what you need to know at this time (feelings, next move, outcome, etc) about your love connection with your person moving forward. If you have questions or details, please include them in the form when filling out (NO MORE THAN 4 MAX QUESTIONS PLEASE).


Reminder, This love connection reading must include a person (otherwise, book a general love or soulmate read if you are not with someone or have someone in mind), please let me know the status of the connection in the form when booking (in a relationship, seperation, married, engaged, situationship, talking, etc). You must also include their full name + birth date along with yours in the form when filling out.


You must fill out the form in order to receive your reading, it will be delayed if you skip the process. The form is located on the thank you page after you submit your payment! Please refrain from emailing me your information, it will be ignored, form process must be filled out. Email me at, if you have additional questions or concerns, you are responsible for providing me your information for your reading, please don’t forget this part then wonder why you haven’t received it yet!


Guidance messages are also included in every reading. Read the description in its entirety to AVOID READING DELAYS. Make sure I have all of information for your reading! I will not hunt you down for information you are required to provide to get your reading complete.

Love Connection Intuitive Reading

  • Only 5 slots for same day readings. If you do not receive your reading the same day, it means slots are full, the turn around time for it is then 24 hours. Must be booked before 3 pm est time to receive your reading same day. 

  • The form directory is located on the thank you page once you sumbit your payment! If you miss it on the thank you page, you can find it in the pdf file download that come with your order, this is sent to you via email as well.

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