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This is a conjure love attraction spell jar for consistent support, attention from potential suitors, can aid in new friendships, gifts, freely receiving unexpected money/tips/random cash, sugar daddy/mommy energy, fancy and glamorous magnetic energy, and viral/famous positive loving energy from everyone platonic or romantic. This sweetens up your reality in love! Everyone and everything will show and give you genuine sweet love.


This will keep genuine real unconditional love and support flowing to you naturally, safely, and efficiently with no harm to you or anyone. All blockages in love will be removed and this makes you a magnet for support from any and literally everyone. Your jar is performed on Fridays and I charge them with my spirit team for up to 7 days. After that process, it will be shipped to you.


Your spell jar will be shipped to you after completion with digital instructions. Must provide address in form process when filling out.


A confirmation email with a pdf and your jar details will be sent 48 business hours after your jar has been created for you.


Sweet STAR Love Attraction Conjure Jar

  • Your spell performance date is chosen by Divine Lea Goddess and is based on the days your spell corresponds to. On the thank you page after submitting your payment, you should see a pop up to navigate to the form directory to fill out your spell form with your information, once you have filled it out, Lea will send you a confirmation email of when your spell will be performed within 24 BUSINESS (mon to fri 8 am to 3 pm est) hours. Note, this is not a physical 1 on 1 session, I will perform the spell with my spirit team and have it charge on my altars for up to 9 days, once completed, you will receive a confirmation PDF with all of the spell data I recorded during or after performing, you should see an email up to 48 business hours after your spell performance date, as well as a tracking number but this is ONLY FOR those of you that purchase spell jars.

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