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Please refrain from sending spam emails or messages about receiving your reading or any service if it goes over the 24 hour mark, do not panic! I have 5 available slots per day for same day readings but if you dont receive it same day most likely the slots are filled and you will receive it within 24 hours from the time booked! Yes, turnaround is 24 hours but please understand that any delays could be because of energy re-charging, booking volume, or anything else out of my control tech wise or personally. The max delay is up to 72 hours (kind of like a grace period) because of any of these reasons potentially. Please restrict yourself from sending me emails or messages with your booking time, date, and saying it's been 24 hours. If you booked, I see all of this info in the back office of my website so no need to remind me, I am always aware, it's time consuming to respond to emails and messages like this and it floods my emails. Please inner-stand that I work with a lot of beautiful individuals including yourself so this could be a lot of energy work. I will disregard your message or email if you do start to rush or pester me if it hasnt been that long since you booked, please respect the grace period! These terms are subject to change at any moment and time.


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