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Ase! Thank you for your interest in my original oracle decks!

This deck is amazing for guidance after any reading! I have included intuitively downloaded angel numbers in this deck with messages from Spirit (Allah, God, The Universe, whoever it may be for you.). This deck helps tremendously when it comes to making any decision whether it be about a person, thing, or idea! Deck does NOT come with pouch featured in photos.

Number of Cards: 100


This deck does come with gold guilded edges, but please keep in mind that the guilding does transfer at first (not to much)! Simply wipe off the excess guilding! This does not bother me because it does not transfer anymore, but just mentioning for those of you that may have an issue with that at first.


When purchasing, please make sure that your SHIPPING ADDRESS AND NAME IS CORRECT.


Note: If you're using SEZZLE as a payment method, please keep in mind that processing time may take a few days longer than normal since payments are processed through sezzle and then transferred. Processing times are normally 1-3 business days, paying through sezzle may extend

processing times no more than 2 business days. You can pay through paypal to avoid extention.

Spirit Angel Deck Oracle

  • Flat rate shipping is about $13. Decks take about 1-3 business days to process and make and are shipped out within a week. Decks may take approximately 8-14 business days in total to receive. Tracking will be sent directly to your email when available!

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