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Ase! Thank you for your interest in my original oracle decks!


Being a 108 cards deck, The Ori Oracle is a deck you've never before seen anywhere else; An oracle deck that gets to the nitty gritty, that expands on every aspect of life, and a deck that is jam packed with intuitive messages that will shock you by its ACCURACY and POWER. Use the Ori Oracle to expand on your spiritual gifts, journey, and to have a deeper understanding of life and the things that may transpire. This deck is meant to be interpreted INTUITIVELY, this does not come with a booklet or a box, however it will come in a satin drawstring bag. If you do not like to read, this is not the deck for you!The number of cards in this deck is significant to the number 9 of completion. When using, you can even split the deck in half and use a portion of it as it is a pretty thick deck, however that is purposely done :) " Ori is a metaphysical concept important to Yoruba spirituality and way of life.Ori, literally meaning “head,” refers to one’s spiritual intuition and destiny. It is the reflective spark of human consciousness embedded into the human essence, and therefore is often personified as an Orisha in its own right . In Yoruba tradition, it is believed that human beings are able to heal themselves both spiritually and physically by working with the Orishas to achieve a balanced character, or iwa-pele. When one has a balanced character, one obtains an alignment with one’s Ori or divine self.Alignment with one’s Ori brings, to the person who obtains it, inner peace and satistaction with life. To come to know the Ori is, essentially, to come to know oneself, a concept extremely foreign to Western philosophy. The primacy of individual identity is best captured in a Yoruba proverb: “Ori la ba bo, a ba f'orisa sile”. When translated, this becomes It is the inner self we ought to venerate, and let divinity be. "


Number of Cards: 108


When purchasing, please make sure that your SHIPPING ADDRESS AND NAME IS CORRECT.

The Ori Oracle

  • Shipping is 24 hours on business days. This means I will pack and ship out your order within 24 hours of purchase if I have the decks on hand.

  • Yes I do ship internationally, however this would have to be a custom order, please email me at to inquire. Shipping cost varies depending on the country it is being shipped to.

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