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Ase! Thank you for your interest in my newest oracle deck! Voice of the Ancestors Oracle is an all melanated dreamy themed deck filled with intentional thought and design. I included a few additional lenormand cards that are meant for fortune predictions. This deck is meant to help you channel divine messages and syncs from your Ascended Benevolant Ancestors to help aid you into the right directions for any given situation. In addition to this deck is astrological symbols that help with understanding the energies of the cards.


Note: Voice of the Ancestors does not come with a box or guidebook, it comes with key words and text descriptions to understand the meaning and energy of the cards. It comes in a drawstring bag.


When purchasing, please make sure that your SHIPPING ADDRESS AND NAME IS CORRECT to avoid delays or mishap, double check your address when inserting.

Voice of the Ancestors Oracle

  • Ships out within 3-5 days of placing order. Can take up to 10 days to receive.

  • Yes I do ship internationally, however this would have to be a custom order, please email me at to inquire. Shipping cost varies depending on the country it is being shipped to.

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